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When should I start training my new puppy?

With our "Right from the Start" program, we will show you how to welcome your new puppy home, with training on feeding, housebreaking, toy selection, age-appropriate discipline, teething, jumping up, grooming, and operant conditioning (for example, clicker training and other positive-reinforcement methods), all designed to establish you as the pack leader and help your puppy feel like one of your pack!

I adopted an older dog. Can an older dog still be trained?

Yes, you can teach old dogs new tricks! Older animals may have some unhealthy habits to change, or may have never learned proper habits in the first place. We can help you re-train an older dog, as well as provide a holistic approach to ensuring your older dog adjusts well to living with you, including age appropriate exercise routines, feeding, and arthritis management.

My dog was trained but "forgot"

It is more than likely that your dog didn't "forget" - it's just not listening to you. When a dog thinks it's the boss, it loses respect for you as the pack leader. We can help with a "refresher" course to remind your dog who is the pack leader - that would be YOU - and help you and your dog reconnect in a positive, encouraging way that you'll both enjoy.

"My dog doesn't listen to me"

Your dog may love you, but if it's not listening to you, it could be as simple as the way you are giving it commands. When you say "Sit, sit, sit" and turn away before your dog sits, you are sending your dog a signal that the desired behavior is optional. We can help you give commands in a way that earns your dog's respect, so that your dog will listen to you each and every time.

"We're having a baby soon and we're worried our dog will be jealous"

Jealousy is always a possibility, but not something to be feared. We can help you with a step-by-step process on introducing your dog to your new baby so the entire family is happy and safe.

"My dog destroys things when I'm away"

You may be surprised to hear this, but your dog probably doesn't miss you. Your dog is bored! A tired dog is a happy dog, so we can help you to ensure your dog is properly exercised and has stimulating toys to keep it occupied when you are away.

"I need a service dog trained"

Training a service dog is an involved process, but we always start with your dog passing the AKC's "Canine Good Citizen" exam. The K-9 Psychologist is a certified evaluator and can ensure your dog is trained to help you.

"My dog is afraid of thunder"

Fear of thunder is very common. Most dogs are afraid of thunder, fireworks, motorcycles, airplanes, and other loud sounds, primarily because a dog's sense of hearing is up to 10 times as sensitive as that of a human. We can help your dog be conditioned to not fear loud noises and live as a happy, secure, well-balanced dog.