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"Our puppy, a Leonberger, has l earned so much in just 6 sessions. Your guidance in teaching me how to handle and train her were well worth the time and money spent. I would highly recommend The K-9 Psychologist." Kathy - Armonk, NY

The first step in dog training is to think like a dog. -Val DeSantis, The K-9 Psychologist

"After just one session with The K-9 Psychologist we saw dramatic improvements with our 3-month-old puppy, Teddy. Val explained that he would be training us, not Teddy! He completely changed our outlook to handling our puppy and gave us confidence. We highly recommend The K-9 Psychologist. He has a geniune love of dogs and is extremely knowledgable." Andrea and Bill - Rye NY

Val at work.

We recently got our first puppy. Never having been dog owners before, our vet recommended that we contact Val regarding his dog training services. We are very happy with his approach and patience. Val is excellent with both dogs and people. He has helped us understand some very important things about owning a dog which we might not have given any thought to. He is always glad to answer questions which may arise. He promptly responds to questions and has a vast knowledge of various breeds. We would recommend him to new and veteran dog owners alike. Robert and Marjorie - Purchase, NY

When I came home with my 3 month old Labra doodle Val was there to educate and give me the kind of support that put me in command. With this confidence I was able to get the most out the 6 sessions of training. I would highly recommend Val as a trainer and feel he is an asset to anyone that is a dog owner! Thanks for helping us make a smooth transition with Dakota. Lucille - Harrison, NY

I worked very closely with Val while I learned how to communicate with my boys. Val's utmost patience with me and his solid confidence when handling my dogs, showed me the skills I needed to do the same. Val taught me to be aware that body language of dogs and facial expressions mean more than a wagging tail will ever tell. Val has years of experience and skill in training and understanding dogs. From building drive and motivation as well as tracking and protection, to simple obedience so a family can enjoy a polite pet. I highly recommend Val DeSantis for your training needs. His dedication, professionalism and respect for dogs have proven to be the best trainer I have ever known. Heidi - Ossining, NY