Our Approach

No two dogs are alike, so neither should be their training. When it comes to dog training, there are as many opinions as there are dogs and many techniques for training. Many trainers will only be "trained" in one style of training, and when they try that style on your dog and it fails, chances are they will blame your dog. This leaves you with an untrained dog and the need to find another trainer.

At The K-9 Psychologist, we believe that virtually all dogs can be trained and those with behavioral problems can be rehabilitated. Just like people, dogs respond to different approaches and learn via different modalities. This is why The K-9 Psychologist is trained and well versed in multiple proven methods of training that are behavior based - ensuring the optimal training method is matched to your dog's unique way of learning.

This insight-driven approach ensures a fine result, a happy dog, and a very happy owner, too.